Home-A-Rama 2016

On a warm Friday in September I spent the afternoon walking from home to home in Chatham Hills at the epic annual event known as Home-A-Rama.  I left with serious home envy and excitement about the direction home design is taking.  Kitchen pantries are roomy and will easily accommodate our bulk purchases from Costco.  The Jack and Jill bedroom/bath setup for the kids now includes a communal area for play, homework, and movies.  And my most favorite...designing areas with the family dog in mind.  Here are few of my favorite photos from my day.  Please excuse the quality.  I only had my smartphone with me.

Having a convenient dog wash area would save me so many trips to the self wash at Pet Supplies Plus

The problem of where to put that large dog crate is solved!

I absolutely love this under lighting!

The barn door design was in nearly every home but this rustic themed basement was where it shined.

If you live with a boy, you may be like me and wondering "why has this taken so long"

You will never have to worry about infecting your beer when you have this dedicated space for brewing

This stairwell leading to the basement felt like I had stepped into a scene from Game of Thrones

A perfect outdoor living space!

Bocce Ball anyone?

Our old Chicago apartment was smaller than this master closet.  I was ready to move in!


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