Home isn't selling?

If your home has been on the market and hasn't sold, there could be many reasons.  One could be your home's appearance and how it looks through the eyes of a prospective buyer.  You may not even notice things that can turn buyers off, but appear perfectly normal to you.  We call this "merchandising" your home and you need to treat it the same way retailers and restaurants do.  Here are seven key steps to merchandising your home:

  1. Remove Clutter - to make your home neater and appear larger.  Chances are, buyers are moving because they need more space.
  2. Clean and Paint - to show that your home has been well cared for.
  3. Repair and Fix - before the buyer sees it.  The  need for any repairs can make or break a sale.
  4. Neutralize - removing distracting colors, textures, and personal accessories so buyers can visualize their belongings in your home.
  5. Look and Smell Fresh - from fresh flowers on the table or in the bathroom to a bowl of fresh fruit and the smell of fresh bread baking in the kitchen.
  6. A Trimmed Yard - gives a positive first impression of your home.
  7. Be Ready for a showing at a moment's notice - since each showing is critical because we don't know which one will be your buyer.
Merchandising your home is simply making it more appealing to a possible buyer.  You want your home to be cleaner and to look newer and fresher than the last house or the next house.  Plus, you want to de-personalize it so they can imagine themselves living in your home.  Effective merchandising builds value in the eyes of a buyer.  Prepare your home in advance and maximize its perceived value by showing it in its best light,  Remember, people buy with all of their senses, especially their eyes and noses.


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